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1 year ago

Shrinking, Sharper, and congrats to these celeb couples

Shenanigans that are both big brain and brain off, plus EmRata/ErAndre and FlorPugh/CharGooch

We discuss Shrinking and Sharper, a series and a film that work best if you’re willing to turn your brain off and enjoy the ride.

02:39 Shrinking, streaming on Apple TV+, is far from graceful at striking the balance between profound and lighthearted, but it boasts a likable cast with chemistry and laughs.

20:54 Sharper, streaming on Apple TV+, doesn’t quite stand up to close scrutiny, but it is both fun and visually striking.

33:37 Plus, happy belated Valentine’s to some famous people: Emily Ratajkowski, Eric Andre, Florence Pugh, and Charlie Gooch.


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