Criticism Is Dead
What we’re watching and what it all means (if it means anything at all)


Barry, Yellowjackets, and mini grab bag

Ruthless killing (season 4) and ruthless killing (season 2), plus some things we've been watching lately

SUCCESSION SENDOFF: "Church and State"

Mourning, warning, and warring

SUCCESSION SENDOFF episode 8: "America Decides"

A clash of the personal, the professional, and the political

The Diplomat, How to Blow Up a Pipeline, and writers strike

Bombs abroad and bombs away, plus let's go WGA!

SUCCESSION SENDOFF episode 7: "Tailgate Party"

Scorpions, Oman, and reverse Viking

SUCCESSION SENDOFF episode 6: "Living+" feat. Andrew Liu

Biteys, land cruises and a cool new rule

SUCCESSION SENDOFF episode 5: "Kill List" feat. Alison Herman

Gondolas, girl bosses and a bleeding Swede