Criticism Is Dead
What we’re watching and what it all means (if it means anything at all)
Beef, Showing Up, and Kylothée who???

Sculptures galore, plus a new romance (allegedly) blossoms...

SUCCESSION SENDOFF episode 4: "Honeymoon States"

Old guard or new? Underlined or crossed-out? Embalm or shit-talk?

Perry Mason, The Big Door Prize, and Love Is Blind s4

L.A. heartbreak and small-town dreams, plus the messiest LIB season yet

SUCCESSION SENDOFF episode 3: "Connor's Wedding"

A boat, a plane, and a bombshell

Return to Seoul, Rye Lane, and the trial of Gwyneth Paltrow

From Seoul to London, plus the ski slopes of Park City, Utah

SUCCESSION SENDOFF episode 2: "Rehearsal"

Money moves, cold feet, and family bonding

Top Chef, Next in Fashion, and the latest nepo baby

Dishes and designs, plus she tried to charter a helicopter to see a camp friend??

SUCCESSION SENDOFF episode 1: "The Munsters"

Mortality, economic units, and deals deals deals